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Whether you’re going to Cannes for an event, a trade show, or even on holiday, the French Riviera offers much to be seen. There are countless little Mediterranean villages to be explored up and down the coast, but it’s hard to know which ones to choose. We know Cannes and the French Riviera through and through, and there’s no denying that all of the villages are stunning. Today we’re sharing our favourite 5 Day Trips from Cannes so you can make the most of your next trip! Grab a friend, pack a bag full of French bread, cheese and wine, rent a car (or take a train or boat) and start your day trip from Cannes!

Tips for your Day Trips from Cannes –

  1. Food: buy snacks the day before at a Cannes grocery store to save money, stress – and to avoid being hangry. You can find all of the major Cannes supermarkets’ timetables here.  Some of the train rides can take up to 2 hours, and let’s be honest… if you’re in France, you probably want to be eating as many hours of the day as possible, right? If you have time, grab a croissant from Boulangerie Jean Luc Pelé, located on 3 Rue du 24 Août, just 2 minutes from the train station (opens 07:30).
  2. Cannes Train Station – Gare de Cannes: the TER, or the Trains Express Régionaux, is how you get around the French Riviera.  You can buy tickets directly at Cannes Train Station, or you can check timetables and ticket fares online here.
  3. Car rental: if you’re in the mood for some coastal highway driving, rent a car from Sixt just next to the Gare de Cannes.
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Day Trips from Cannes – Èze

Èze (EH-zis one of the most famous Medieval villages in France, located between Nice and Monaco. This seaside village surrounds a 12th-century castle and was built high above sea level for protection against pirates.

How to get there: if you decided to follow our tips, you’ll have no problem catching an early train. Below are the details of the best time to take the train and then catch the bus. The ride home is easier, as you don’t have to take the bus.

Take the 86023 train Towards Ventimiglia Stazione, hop out at the Gare de Èze Sur Mer, and then catch the 83 bus until the last stop, Plateau de la Justice:

Must see  apart from all of the quaint French village charms that Èze exudes with its cobblestone streets and artisan shops, you can’t miss:

  • The Botanical Garden, or, Le Jardin Exotique;
  • Parfumerie Fragonard – L’usine Laboratoire Èze – see where Fragonard soaps and perfumes are made; and
  • L’église d’Èze – charming church originally constructed in the 12th century.

Must eat  it’s time to head to the beach! Take the Nietzsche path down to the sea and get ready for sunbathing and seafood. You must try the following restaurants facing the sea:

  • Ajunja Beach;
  • Papaya Beach; and
  • Bord de Mer
You can also take a boat trip and have a day at sea! Find out more about the boat itineraries here.
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Day Trips from Cannes – Villefranche-sur-Mer

This precious French Riviera village is just a few stops from Nice and is well worth making the day trip from Cannes.

How to get there: similarly to the route taken to get to Èze, you can catch the  86101 train from the Cannes Station to the Ventimiglia Stazione. There are just 8 stops and you should hop off at the Gare de Villefranche-sur-Mer. The views along the coastal train ride are worth an extra shot of espresso if that’s what it takes to stay awake!

Must see – the winding streets of this village are going to make you question whether or not you want to actually go back to Cannes. Coastal French culture flows out of the bakeries, markets, and historical museums in Villefranche-sur-Mer:

  • Musée Volti;
  • Citadelle Saint-Elme; and
  • Chapelle de Saint Pierre des Pecheurs.

Must eat – after exploring the village, head down to the beach Marinieres and grab a bite at Delibo Les Bains Plage Restaurant with impressive views of the sea.  You could try these other crowd favourites:

  • Palm Villefranche, and

Day Trips from Cannes – Antibes / Juan les Pins

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Antibes is known for its 16th century Fort Carré, as well as the famous Port Vauban where some of the world’s most expensive yachts are docked. As Juan les Pins is where the locals up and down the French Riviera go out to drink and dance, we recommend heading there at night.

How to get there: this coastal village is a close neighbour of Cannes and is located just 13 minutes from the Gare de Cannes. You can take either the aforementioned TER 86023 or the 881121 towards Menton and hop off at the Gare d’Antibes. This is certainly the quickest of all of the day trips from Cannes!

Must see 

  • Picasso Museum in the Château Grimaldi;
  • La Garoupe Sanctuary; and
  • Traditional open-air market on Cours Massena.

Must eat 

  • Plage Keller (private Beach as well);
  • Bacon (1 Michelin Star); and
  • Epi Beach.

Day Trips from Cannes – Menton

Akommo Day Trips from Cannes
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How to get there: you can take any of the trains heading towards Ventimiglia Stazione or towards Menton and hop off at the Gare de Menton. The total time should be around 1-and-a-half hours, give or take – if you’ve reached Italy, you’ve gone too far!

Must see –

  • Jardins Biovès;
  • The Bastion Museum Jean Cocteau; and
  • Archaeology Museum – Musée Préhistoire Régionale Stanislas Bonfils.

Must eat – Menton is overflowing with delicious cafés and bakeries, gorgeous seafood spots along the beach, and a more residential atmosphere than what you’ll find in Cannes.

  • Vanilla Bakery Menton;
  • Il Était une Fois; and
  • La Rotonde Menton.

Day Trips from Cannes – Saint-Tropez

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Saint-Tropez is another hot spot for nightlife and drinks in the French Riviera. Not to mention, this village’s port also hosts some of the most expensive and exclusive yachts for celebrities. Fancy staying overnight? You could stay in the famous 5* Hôtel Sezz and take in Saint-Tropez in all of its swanky glory. Don’t be surprised by the excessive amount of money people spend in this little village. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled to catch a local game of “La Pétanque”, it’s a traditional activity in the French Riviera.

How to get there: we recommend renting a car, booking a hotel, and staying the night there to really enjoy the full experience. That is, of course, if your budget permits it… By car, it will take around 1-and-a-half hours, give or take, and if not, you need to take a train and bus. That said, see the details below of much of a hassle taking public transportation is:

Day Trips from Cannes train from Cannes to Saint Tropez

You can also get to Saint-Tropez by boat! If you’re interested in having a day out with your workmates after an event, let us know by writing us at!

Must see – 

  • Citadel of Saint-Tropez;
  • La Ponche fishing village; and
  • Place des Lices, Rue Gambetta and Rue Allard for shopping.

Must eat – 

  • Les Graniers on the Plage des Graniers;
  • Hôtel Restaurant La Ponche à Saint Tropez; and
  • La Vague d’Or (fine dining).

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