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Cannes Film Festival Accommodation

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Every year, thousands of celebrities gather in Cannes, France, for the world-renowned Festival de Cannes, also known as the Cannes Film Festival. The red carpet rolls out over the Palais des Festivals, and the celebrities come flooding in! This non-stop week is filled with parties, events, and some of the film industry’s biggest players. But they have to sleep, right? We’ve been providing Cannes Film Festival Accommodation since 2007, so our list is, let’s say, extensive. So, today we’re sharing the most fitting accommodation for celebrities!

Here are four of the most amazing Cannes Film Festival Accommodation that celebrities choose to stay in year after year!

Cannes Film Festival Accommodation 2018 – Top 4

2200m2 of Fun – Rue Campestra

Luxurious Five Bedroom Villa with Pool in Cannes

Although it’s located outside of Cannes, this gorgeous villa has been rented by various stars and their posses throughout the years.

Though it’s only a 12 minute walk from the Palais, it’s also easily accessible by private drivers. The 2200m2 of manicured lawn surrounding the swimming pool has seen quite a few celebrity parties in its time!

Carlton Croisette for Events – Boulevard de La Croisette

Unique four bedroom with event terrace on the Croisette next to the Carlton

Due to its proximity to the Palais des Festivals, this apartment is often rented by directors and film companies alike.

The sunny terrace is the perfect space for the exclusive meetings and evening drinks that tend to happen here. Additionally, the chic outdoor furniture and spectacular views create a great atmosphere for an evening cocktail party.

Infinity (Pool) and Beyond – Boulevard Sainte-Marguerite

Stunning 6 bedroom villa with an infinity pool

This modern six-bedroom villa offers complete exclusivity, making it ideal for the incognito celebrity guest. There are six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and 550m2 of living space. The only thing this house is missing is a helicopter landing pad!

Additionally, there’s an unreal infinity pool that overlooks the sea. Can’t you just imagine having a mimosa and lounging by the pool at this villa?

Six-Bedroom Bombshell- Avenue Florida
Cannes Film Festival Accommodation Chic Six Bedroom Villa

Located only 15 minutes from the Palais des Festivals, this highly-secured villa offers an exclusive experience. It comes with a swimming pool, indoor jacuzzi, and – just in case the Film Festival weren’t enough – there’s a home movie theatre! Directors and celebrities have snatched up this villa throughout the years.

Enjoy the Cannes Film Festival 2018, and keep your eyes peeled for celebrity sightings!

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