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Akommo 10-Year Anniversary Party Photos Barcelona

Akommo 10-Year Anniversary Party Header Photo

This month we had the absolute honour of celebrating a major milestone of our company: 10 years of Akommo! We’ve been in the events and corporate accommodation industry since 2007, working mainly in Cannes and Barcelona, as well as other major European cities. Until about three weeks ago, we had never celebrated an event together! We figured what better time to celebrate than for the Akommo 10-Year Anniversary party? Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane and relive some of Akommo’s best moments.

Destination Global is Born

In 2007, two American expats, Jason Greenman and Mike Krienitz, decided to solve a problem they saw in the corporate event industry – accommodation. They invested a few euros in Skype credit and began doing what any salesperson would do: making cold calls. Destination Global started off small but gained traction quickly. They booked their first major client, Global Cinema Group, for the Cannes Film Festival.

Just four months later, they booked their first Fortune 500 company. What’s more, Mike and Jason single-handedly managed 52 apartments for around 95 guests. They did every single check-in at all 52 apartments on the back of a 50cc motorbike in Cannes.

In 2009, Destination Global was almost at the point of closing down after the owner and co-founder, Jason Greenman, was left to run the company alone. He took the reins and kept Destination Global alive until it was time for a complete update.

Akommo is Born

Akommo replaced Destination Global in 2012, with a cooler, fresher look. Not to mention, at this point, Akommo’s clients had quadrupled! At this point, Akommo was providing corporate accommodation for MIPIM, MAPIC, Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Lions, Mobile World Congress, and other major events. The growth of clients meant the team needed to expand as well to provide services for all the corporate events.

Akommo is now an international, multilingual and very friendly team of six! We pride ourselves on the real relationships that we have, both within our team and with our clients. In a world determined to automate everything, we try to keep things as human as possible. Our clients value the personal relationships and interaction we invest in.

We have grown so much as a company in the past 10 years, and we’re not done yet! Our vision is to be Europe’s most enjoyable corporate event company, for both our clients and our team.

2018 has been off to an amazing start so far, especially with the support of our friends, families, and colleagues who helped us celebrate at the Akommo 10 year anniversary party. You can enjoy the party photos below! We must say, we celebrated with a really photogenic crowd!

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A special thanks to the photographer, Aitor Lamadrid. You did a great job, and we’re fortunate to have been able to work with you!

Akommo 10-Year Anniversary Party Location: Casa Nova Barcelona
Akommo 10-Year Anniversary Party Cupcakes: Kemagdalenas