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Top Barcelona Neighborhoods – MWC Special

As the world renowned Mobile World Congress is returning to Barcelona, Akommo thought it best to start preparing. We decided to share some of our best-kept secrets with you for this year’s Congress. Although the main function of MWC is to display the latest and greatest of the tech world, networking and mingling are absolutely fundamental. Get ready to put on your party pants, because you’re about to tour the top Barcelona neighborhoods with us locals. Salud!

Top Barcelona Neighborhoods – El Gótic

Cocktail in a red mug with a red pepper in the Born neighborhood in Barcelona
Photo by @oliviarosebcn

The Ancient Gothic Quarter- Some of the most famous landmarks in Barcelona can be found in the Gothic neighborhood, such as the famous Rambles promenade, the Boquería Market, The Plaza Reial, and much more. The Gothic is notorious for bar-hopping, lots of tourists, drunken escapades, and some of the best memories while visiting Barcelona. Not to mention, it’s home to some of the oldest bars and restaurants in Barcelona.

Bar Recommendations- Some of the best bars in the area –
  1. Pipa Club Barcelona– Plaça Reial, 3- One of the coolest clandestine bars in the Gothic. We applaud you if you can find it.
  2. Rabipelao– Carrer de la Mercè, 26- Known for it’s mojitos and Venezuelan food, this bar is notorious in the Gothic quarter.
  3. Ocaña– Plaça Reial, 13-15- Divided into 4 different areas, the Apotheke is where you find some of the most gorgeous and delicious signature cocktails. It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth it.
Where to Stay-

This is one of the best areas to stay in with groups or teams. Located just next to Plaza Sant Jaume and just 4 minutes from the Ramblas, this 5 bedroom apartment is our favorite recommendation. Catch a cab from here and you’ll arrive at the Fira center in just 25 minutes!

Top Barcelona Neighborhoods- El Born

El Born is one of the loveliest areas in all of Barcelona, with its hidden streets, cute cafes, and old buildings. This neighborhood is renowned for the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar. Not to mention the famous Paseo del Born, excellent for bar-hopping.

Photo by Ojo De Astronauta
Bar Recommendations- Some of the best bars in the area –
  1. El Diset– Carrer Antic de Sant Joan, 3- One of Barcelona’s best Catalan-only wine bars. Make a reservation!
  2. PAX 49 – Carrer del Rec, 49 – If you want signature cocktails without paying a fortune, this bar is the perfect fit. Especially recommendable for groups!
  3. La Xampanyeria– Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7 An absolute MUST in Barcelona. Cava filled to the brim, amazingly cheap bar food, and everyone packed in like sardines.
Where to Stay –

For a group of 4 people, we recommend staying in this apartment located on Calle Esparteria. Located a stone’s throw from the famous Santa Maria del Mar, the location couldn’t get any more central (unless you literally stayed in the cathedral itself)

Top Barcelona Neighborhoods- Sant Antoni

Photo by Sergio Alves Santos

Parlament is undoubtedly the most famous street in Sant Antoni. There are amazing bars, both new and classic spots, and incredible brunch places. On top of that, one of Barcelona’s most emblematic markets- El Mercat de Sant Antoni, still under construction, is here.

Calle Manso takes second place after Parlament for the coolest bar scene.

Bar Recommendations- Some of the best bars in the area-
  1. La Bombilla– Carrer de Manso, 13 – French aperitif + cocktails = recipe for a good night.
  2. Bodega 1900– Carrer de Tamarit, 91-Class Catalan cuisine, one of Barcelona’s most famous Vermouth bars.
  3. Barna Brew-Carrer del Parlament, 45- Craft beers, awesome tapas, what else could one EVER need?
Where to stay –

If you’re looking to stay in a hip neighborhood while being surrounded some of Barcelona’s most classic bars, we suggest this studio apartment. This apartment on C/ Floridablanca, is just 25 minutes by bus or 13 minutes by cab to the Conference Center.

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Top Barcelona Neighborhoods

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