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Barcelona CSR- 5 Reasons to Go Local

Barcelona CSR- 5 Reasons to Go Local - Cover Page woman laughing and gluing project.

Back in the 1960s, Corporate Social Responsibility started as a mere trend and evolved into a fundamental element for corporations. This evolution is continuous, and it means so much more than just maintaining a clean reputation. It adds both external and internal value to the company. These days, CSR is still great, but local CSR is even better. The movement of working locally is touching on all facets of daily life, from buying local produce to supporting local businesses, to even choosing a local organization to sponsor. Akommo is currently getting involved in the local Barcelona CSR scene, and here’s why your company should do the same.

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Know Who You’re Working With-

Similar to buying locally, by giving locally, you know exactly who you are working with. Haven’t you ever been asked to donate a large sum of money, but hesitated cause you have NO CLUE where your money is going? Oftentimes people end up not giving because they’re skeptical of enormous NGO’s. By giving to local organizations, you can give directly to the source.

Directly Participate-

Ever donated money to an orphanage in a third-world country somewhere and wished that you could go directly and offer help? You were probably demotivated by the remote location, the pricey tickets, and the overall uncertainty of the location. By going locally, paying a visit to a local charity is like going to your local supermarket- convenient and trustworthy.

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See Who You Are Helping-

Though massive NGO’s have the marketing budget to make beautiful and powerful campaigns, it usually seems too far away to directly impact. By supporting local organizations, you can see the impact your contributions are making almost instantly. You can even begin to form relationships with the people you are helping! Whether it’s the secretary of the organization, or the person or group in need directly.

Supporting Small Business-

Although it’s a charity, in reality, it’s still a business entity. They need support just as much as any small business might. It can be hard for local organizations to receive the support and funds they need when going up against massive NGO’s. By going locally, you’re able to give smaller charities a chance help those in need right in your neighborhood.

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Build Your Community, Help Your Community

By participating in local CSR projects, the benefits are seen both in the office and in the community. By giving back locally you are contributing to the greater good. You can play a major role in the bettering of your neighborhood and the lives of the people in your city. Help your community to thrive, give purpose to your company, and add value to your employee’s jobs.

Akommo’s Barcelona CSR Project

The Akommo Team supports Magic Line Sant Joan de Déu for their local Barcelona CSR project. Akommo is raising funds to donate to this local organization by walking 10km in February 2018. Magic Line helps people who are at risk of social exclusion, as well as funds for children’s disease research. To get involved, Click Here to make a contribution on their team page. Every donation counts, and it’s tax deductible! Share your CSR stories with us below, we’d love to hear all about it!

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