In just over a month, thousands of people will be flocking to Cannes for the Global Entertainment Content Market, better known as MIPCOM. With that in mind, we’ve been gathering up our Akommodations for all of you, and we have a list of some of our favourite properties. We’ve divided them up into categories, according to price – under 1500€, under 2000€, and under 2500€ – since we know that a lot of our clients have a specific budget to keep to, and we want to accommodate that. Pun intended? Maybe so. Let’s look at our MIPCOM Accommodation picks for this month!

Under 1500€ || Rue de chataignier 

MIPCOM AccommodationWe love this cozy one bedroom apartment! It’s very conveniently situated as it’s only 10 minutes from the convention centre. It has two single beds, a bright terrace, and an adorable living room with lots of light, and an attached kitchenette. For MIPCOM, we’d definitely recommend this apartment for those of you with a price-conscious budget.

under 2000€ || rue la fontaine


This one bedroom apartment is completely refurbished – yes, you heard it right. It’s modern and spacious, with an open-plan living room, kitchen and bar top counter. The bedroom is situated on the upper floor of the duplex, and has a double bed. What’s not to love?

under 2500€ || rue georges Clémenceau
MIPCOM Accommodation
Look at that view!

Before we get onto the details of the property – check out that view! If that isn’t reason enough to rent this one bedroom apartment for MIPCOM, it is fully stocked. Because of the terrace, the open-plan living room and dining area provide lovely natural light. It also comes with a fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms – one with a shower, one with a tub – and a double bed.



We’re so excited for MIPCOM, and it’s not only because of these gorgeous apartments! It’s sure to be a great exhibition this year, just as much (if not more), than last year’s event. Because planning is pretty much our specialty here at Akommo, we’re already preparing for it. That means, if you need accommodation, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us for more details and MIPCOM Accommodation here!