The Best Cannes WiFi Cafes- Akommo 2017

When most people think of the French Riviera, the first images that come to mind are Mediterranean waters, warm beaches, and getting away from the routine. It’s easy to lose yourself in the charming old villages you find along the coast, and even easier to disconnect from the world. However, in this technology-obsessed day and age, we can only tolerate so much disconnection. On the French Riviera, specifically in Cannes, WiFi can be quite tricky to come by. We decided to take the mission upon ourselves and provide you with our favorite cafes to enjoy Cannes WiFi.

Cannes WiFi Cafes

#1 Itineraire– 10 Rue Hoche

If you’ve been searching for specialty coffee and teas in Cannes, search no more. Itinéraire is one of the highest reviewed cafes in the village, offering sweet cakes, excellent attention to service, and of course, the ever-trending-latte art. We love everything about this cafe, WiFi included.

wifi cannes

#2 La Casa di Nonna-41 Rue Hoche

Although this isn’t the typical cafe, this place is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. With comfortable furniture, great service, and a delicious Italian menu, this place makes for an ideal business meeting over lunch. They also offer some absolutely mouthwatering brunches, just look at their Facebook page!


#3 Pat & Jo Café– 3 Rue Molière

We love this little American cafe with a French twist! They have a legacy for their incredible homemade bagels, friendly service, and of course, their croissants. They are some of the best we tried at our last MIPIM event! See below and drool.

cannes wifi croissant

#4 Factory Cafe– Rue des États-Unis 17

Apart from their stupendous WiFi, this cafe has a stellar reputation for great service. On top of friendly and responsive waiters, this cafe knows how to make a omelette. They also have a delicious selection of wraps and sandwiches at an reasonable (for Cannes) price!

Cannes Wifi
They aren’t messing around with their free WiFi

#5 Coffee and Cookies- 2 Square Mérimée

This place offers ENORMOUS cookies, capuchinos, and not to mention and ideal location. It’s a great place to step away from the hustle and bustle of Cannes conferences without having to go too far. We recommend going first thing in the morning when there aren’t so many people and trying their breakfasts.


Want to know more about the best local wining and dining spots in Cannes? Of course you do, we’re talking about French wine and cheese. Get in touch with our team, we’d love to give you some insider tips before attending your next Cannes conference!

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