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The magnificent Palais Miramar Hotel Palace has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, located on the famous Croisette Boulevard, facing the ocean. Here’s a quick history lesson on the past and present Palais Miramar, one of the best options for group bookings for Cannes events! Let’s start with a blast from the past.

Palais Miramar Then

Palais Miramar
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During the early 20th century, Cannes felt it was lacking sufficient luxury hotel accommodations for their wealthier clients. Initially it was constructed to as one of the major luxury hotels of Cannes, making this the spot for the elite. You can’t imagine just how much work went into the construction of this grand almost 4000m2 hotel. The total time it took for the construction of the Palais Miramar was an impressive single year, from 1928-1929.

After the occupation in WWII, the Miramar was out of operation for obvious reasons, and ceased to function as the grand hotel it once was. The Palais was renovated and reconstructed in 1955 by the Cannes architect Eugène Lizero. 

Palais Miramar
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Palais Miramar Now

Today this outstanding building functions essentially as a condominium, but with a hotel feel still. You can see in the hallways that they have maintained the essence of the hotel in the 20s. Additionally, there is still a concierge to receive guests staying in the building.

Palais Miramar
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The Palais is located in between two of the still-remaining luxury hotels, The InterContinental Carlton Cannes and the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez. Because it is located on the Croisette Boulevard, this building is a famous landmark in Cannes.

Why It’s Ideal For Group Bookings

Often times group bookings can be extremely frustrating for their PA’s or Marketing Assistants. You have to factor in all of the specifications for each member of the group, organize their flight details, schedule transfers to their various accommodations…etc.

Palais Miramar









It’s a mess, and the bigger the companies, the harder it becomes. Because of the hassle, companies spend thousands of euros booking hotels, just to keep their groups together.

The Palais Miramar offers over 100 apartments, all ranging in different sizes, without the hotel prices. Depending on the event the group is attending, we can provide anywhere from 30-40 apartments for group bookings. On top of the perfect location, it’s easy to find, and an affordable way to keep a group together.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you still need to check-off, we can help. Akommo books corporate group accommodations every year, for events such as MIPIM, MIPCOM and Cannes Lions! Want to have one less stress? We’ve been organizing transfers and group bookings since 2008 in Cannes. Meet your Free Account Manager and get your booking done early for your next event!

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