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Don’t you hate that feeling when you realize you’ve waited far tearly bookingoo long to do something, and you wish you’d acted sooner? This is a product of procrastination, and it can be a real day-ruiner. There are literally zero benefits for waiting until the very last minute to deal with something like accommodations and transportation bookings. We’re going to talk about five benefits we’ve seen our clients reap from booking early for their events:

1.) The (Booking) Early Bird Gets The Options-

OK so the old adage actually goes, “The early bird gets the worm”, but it’s still incredibly relevant when booking for popular eEarly Booking vents, especially in Cannes. Trust us, we’ve been attending Cannes MIPIM every year since 2008. Needless to say, the great apartments start disappearing about 6 months pre-event. Booking early means you can get to look through the nicest available options.

2.) Booking Early, the Palais is Yours

If you and your company are attending a major event for the first time, you don’t have the veteran advantage. What we mean by that, is there are companies who are as familiar with these events as some locals even, and they know where the best locations are. If you book early, you might just booking early mipcomfind an affordable 3 bedroom apartment five minutes from the Palais des Festivals. When it comes to these events, LOCATION is everything!

*Amenities to look out for*: location, terrace, number of bedrooms, WiFi, lift, etc…

3.) Booking Early, Resting Easy

This is a given, but anyone who has slept poorly before/during an event knows how important it is to be well-rested. A major attribute to sleeping poorly is high-stress levels due to procrastination of tasks, such as booking. Book early, check off your to-do list, and actually enjoy your next event. On top of that, if you book early, you can assure that you and your team will have enough beds! Who wants to wake up with a sore back from sleeping on a stiff couch? We’ll pass.

booking early

4.) Booking Early, Saving money

Many events offer special discounts for registering early, like Early Bird Specials. Why not kill two birds (NOT THE EARLY BIRD!) with one stone anbooking earlyd get your registration and booking done at the same time? We are currently offering a 100€ discount on all apartment bookings until July 31st for the MIPCOM event in October! If you’re booking many single studios for your company, this could seriously be advantageous.


5.) Booking Early, Booking Safe

The more time you give yourself to make bookings in advance, the more certain you cabooking earlyn be about who you are booking with. We’ve seen people suffer the consequences of procrastination and they get scammed. For future reference, you can see our post about How to Avoid Scam Companies.  

Our clients have been extremely pleased with our level of service, 24h event-time assistance, as well as our wide range of apartments and flexibility with dates.

In case you don’t even have time to book yourself, but you’d still like to be proactive, contact us today and we’ll assign a free account manager to find your perfect Akommodation.