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Cannes Party List- Where to Go Out for Lions

At Akommo, we’ve been attending events in Cannes for over ten years, and we’d like to consider ourselves pretty acquainted with the beautiful French Riviera town. We have made lists over the years about the best streets we’ve stayed on, the best apartments we rented, some of the best French cuisine we’ve eaten (we’d ultimately like to have a diet of baguettes, Camembert and Pinot Noir), and of course, the best places to go party and blow off some steam from work. By no means are we big spenders, but we’ve put together a list of some of the best places for those who are ballin’ on a budget, and those who have the fortune of just spending like a baller. Let’s get started with the cheap (but nonetheless great) bars to make your Cannes Lions trip the most interesting one yet. Here is Akommo’s guide to Cannes Party Spots:

1.) Morrison’s Pub — 8/10 Rue Tesseire (Low Range)

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This place is legendary when it comes to watching sports matches, watching awesome live local music, and being greeted with a non-patronizing smile! Friendly staff, reasonable drinks (for Cannes) and an awesome place to mingle and get your buzz on!

2.) Byron Pub — 49 Rue Felix Faure (Low Range)

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Another Irish pub?! Maybe the Irish just know how to do it best, but this place is one of our favorites to go network and meet both locals and event attendees alike. Not to mention their food is actually fantastic, and word on the street is they’ve got a new killer chef!

3.) Posto Pubblico — 9 Rue Victor Cousin

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This place was just made known to us the last time were in Cannes for MIPIM, and we loved it! Really cool local atmosphere, not located directly in the centre but not too far either. Remember when we talked about Pinot Noir and Camembert with incredible French bread? Yeah, this is the place for you if you’re drooling.

4.) Le Cirque — 30 Rue Hoche

Here is another personal favorite, located on one of the loveliest streets in Cannes, Rue Hoche, where you can order a delicious bottle of French wine with views of the pedestrians walking by. You can also get ridiculously expensive wine and have an amazing not so typical French dinner. Whether it’s great wine, or realllllly great (expensive) wine, it’s a great place to start the evening or just have some casual enjoyable drinking.

4.) BAOLI — Port Canto, Boulevard de la Croisette

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You’ve more than likely heard of this place if you’ve ever been to Cannes before. It is one of the most posh places to party, and don’t be surprised if you see a handful of celebrities, lots of fancy cars, and the repeating sound of champagne bottles popping. If you can get in, it’s a great place for Cannes nightlife.

6.) GOTHA CLUB — Place Franklin Roosevelt

If you’re ready to drop some serious money, this is the place you’ve been waiting for. Gotha has been known to host some amazing A-List celebrities such as Madonna, Chris Brown, P Diddy, etc… Dress to impress, because if you’re going there, you might just meet some pretty influential contacts.

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Whether you’re a big spender or spending on a budget, we most certainly do not discriminate. We’re most proud of our wide range of clients, and whichever category you fall under, we’re more than happy to help you find your accommodations for this Cannes Lions.

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