mobile world congress recap

With the approaching Mobile World Congress for this year, we thought it would be appropriate to share what we saw last year at the event. Here’s our recap in some very high quality professional photos 😉

mobile world congress recapDay 1 — Sunny & busy!

Entrance packed, which was easily be explained by the 100 000+ attendees…

mobile world congress recapImpressive space within the Fira — crowded.

mobile world congress recap

Day 2- Everything was massive, mobile, world congress recap

Another day, same place, more meetings! mobile world congress recap

Last day, relieved to have done a great job, topping the night off with some clients at their hosted party. mobile world congress recap

All in all, MWC is one of the most stimulating and inspiring events in Barcelona. We’re so excited we got to partake in the fun! We’re looking forward to helping our clients in Barcelona. Of course, we’re also awaiting in breathless anticipation for the new technology showcased this year! mobile world congress recap

Next week you can look forward to an article on the excellent Akommo properties of the month, with a little special insider from all of us locals in Barcelona!