As a small company, oftentimes the big dogs tend to dominate, get the fame, and the glory, and make us feel, well, small. It is intimidating, and sometimes even discouraging in a sense that we feel we are not able to even contribute. However, in order for something to function properly, each part plays a crucial role. The intention and action of giving back is really what is important in the end, and we value our community.

Here are a few reasons why we not only think Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is worth a pat on the back, but it is a necessary component in the structure of a properly functioning small (or large) business:

  1. It unifies the workforce: 

    Getting the team working together, especially for something not work-related but socially commendable, is always going to create some sort of growth. Whether it is growth in relationships, trust, or even in learning the best way to communicate with each other, unification is pivotal in teamwork and establishes a sense of togetherness.

  2. It creates a sense of purpose: company

    When people give back, they tend to have a feeling that makes their life seem more purposeful. The benefits not only outside the workplace but inside the office are potent. Why not give the team a little morale boost while changing someone else’s life for the better?

  3. It gives your company a good rep:

    Customers are willing to spend their money more on companies that promote social responsibility because they associate it with trustworthiness. I know it is about giving back to the community, but think of this as the reward for dedicating your Saturday morning to the local homeless shelter.

  4. It creates social media awareness: 

    When you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Many companies are overwhelmed by social media and it’s perpetual connection to everyone and everything ALWAYS. But, it can be your best friend at the same time. Use social media to promote not only the good that you are doing and establish a good reputation, but also to create awareness for the organization your company is supporting. Win-win. We are all winners here.

  5. It’s fun

    The best part about most non-work-related office activities is, is it fun? Giving back to the community, whether it is physical labor, emotional support, playing with kids, donating money, etc… it makes you feel good about yourself. To sweeten the pot, you can even create an incentive to do more CSR activities. In our team, we can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t lend a hand if they knew there would be some grub-incentive in the end (we are all hardcore foodies).

    That is how we see it here at Akommo: we aren’t being recognized by world news or featured in Forbes magazine, but we still have a whole lot to offer, and we value our work, each other, and our community, and it shows.

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